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Banking Failures Open Door for Credit Unions

On March 10, 2009

Banking Failures Open Door for Credit Unions

Fort Worth, TX – March 10, 2009 -News of bailouts, inappropriate corporate behavior, and fear of a “Great Depression II” has consumers shopping for alternatives to traditional financial institutions. Local credit unions like 82-year old Unity One Credit Union of Fort Worth, are stepping up their marketing efforts to promote its financial soundness and reliability.

Established in 1927, Unity One survived the first Great Depression. Different from banks, credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives owned by members and operated by volunteer boards. Dividends earned from assets are returned to the members in the form of lower interest rates, higher savings rates, and fewer service fees.

Unity One recently engaged the marketing firm of Glint Advertising and Design to create a campaign that reassures consumers of the reliability of credit unions verses traditional banks.

“We needed a marketing firm that could creatively articulate our brand of reliability, financial soundness, and trust,” said Koren Kent, vice president of marketing for Unity One.

Portions of the campaign were launched earlier this month in Fort Worth, Texas and St. Paul, Minnesota. The rest will come later this spring.

Craig Lloyd, principal at Glint, said that the financial crisis of the world’s largest banks affects the universal brand of the banking industry, which used to stand for ‘your money is safe with us.’

“For the most part, the banking industry has failed to live up to its brand promise to consumers. This failure allows credit unions like Unity One to showcase their long history of sound business practices,” Lloyd said.
“We’re honored to represent them.”

Last month, Michael Fryzel, chairman of the federal agency that charters and supervises federal credit unions, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), called credit unions “a solution during troubled times” and emphasized their financial strength. Fryzel’s speech can be found at

About Glint
Located in North Texas, Glint represents a variety of clients throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Glint is the 12th largest advertising agency in the Fort Worth area. The company was established nine years ago by Craig Lloyd, a 20-year advertising veteran whose clients have included Ralph Lauren, Polo and Donna Karen. Today, Glint’s senior creative staff has over 38 years of advertising experience in industries such as healthcare, technology, real estate, legal, nonprofit, economic development, hospitality, sports and retail.

For more information about Glint Advertising & Design, go to, or call (817) 616-0320.

About Unity One Credit Union
Unity One was created by a group of railway clerks with the great Northern Railroad of Minnesota. A small group of employees recognized the need to provide an alternative to for-profit financial institutions. Unity One has offices in Fort Worth, Texas and in St. Paul, Minnesota.

For more information about Unity One Credit Union, go to, or call (817) 306-3100.

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