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Need More Profit? Make More Change

On March 9, 2016

Need More Profit? Make More Change

The Secret to Increasing the Visibility, Credibility and Relevance of Purpose-Driven Business Leaders”

In the fashion industry, the color black has always been used as an idiom to describe the hottest new trends. When describing a garment or particular style, black always spoke to the “coolness” of something. For instance, designers say that ‘Brunette is the new black’. However, it’s not just limited to the fashion world. Today, the phrase is being used to describe anything that transforms a thing from ordinary to extraordinary, thus worthy of notice.

And so it is with the business community. Over the past five years, the phrase “Purpose-Driven”, has emerged as the new black. It is now the new garment of sophistication required to gain access to the most exclusive place in the world – the decision-making process of consumers. This is due to a world hit hard by recession and corporate scandals, including bailouts where CEO’s were paid million-dollar bonuses while their employees were laid off or lost their retirement funds. Consumers have said, “Enough!” They are tired of the status quo and no longer allow their hard-earned money to support any business whose profits are not being reinvested in communities where they operate. Thus, corporate social responsibility is the new garment required for being “dressed to impress” in the marketplace.

In response, many large corporations did some soul-searching and have now integrated corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs into their daily business practices. Their programs are considered purpose-driven, because the positive impact stretches to the employees, consumers, and the surrounding communities. This major change has brought them greater visibility in the media, credibility with employees and investors, and profits from happy consumers. Thus, becoming purpose-driven was not just the cool thing to do, it was the right thing to do.

This is an excerpt taken from my new eBook of the same title. Read more about it here. 

“…becoming purpose-driven was not just the cool thing to do, it was the right thing to do.”    Pam Roach



Pam Roach is president and chief reputation officer of Pam Roach Public Relations. She is a PR strategist and counselor with more than 20 years of experience, including 12 years working exclusively with public-, private- and nonprofit-sector organizations to revitalize Texas neighborhoods. Pam is not your traditional PR pro; she has a passion for building community that has been integrated into her business practices. She is a trusted leader in her own community of Arlington, Texas, where she was appointed by the Mayor and City Council Members and served as former Chairman of the Board for the Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau, former vice chairman of Arlington’s Planning & Zoning Commission, and is a former member of the Board of Directors for North Texas Super Bowl XLV.

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