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Welcome to the NEW Pam Roach PR Web Site

On March 9, 2016

Welcome to the NEW Pam Roach PR Web Site

Welcome to the new website of Pam Roach Public Relations! We are excited about our new direction and trust that this is the reason you’re here too! My name is Pam Roach, president and Chief Reputation Officer with more than 20 years of experience in the PR industry.


When I started this company 9 years ago, I had just completed 12 years working with nonprofit-, community-, and faith-based organizations that were revitalizing distressed neighborhoods throughout Texas. There are no words to adequately describe the suffering that I witnessed, yet I was still proud to be helping front-line organizations communicate the impact of their work to the media, funders and community stakeholders.

Furthermore, I participated in large collaborative efforts that brought public, private and nonprofit sector organizations together to address community needs. And, while I saw how successful these partnerships can be in helping to restore distressed communities, these projects were often undermined by communication gaps, between sectors, that eroded trust and caused roadblocks.

“Who will become a bridge between all three sectors to ensure the work still gets done?”, I asked myself. “We will”, I answered. Soon afterward, the onset of the recession forced nonprofits to reallocate funds away from hiring consultants, to addressing more pressing needs. As the contracts faded away, I was still determined to continue this path.

Therefore, in 2007, when I launched my PR practice, I did so with the hope of bridging communication gaps and restoring trust between the sectors. And, for 9 years, I’ve been doing just that; working with great private and public sector clients whose products and services are making an impact on communities they serve.


  • Today, we work exclusively to build the reputations of purpose-driven business leaders who are making a profit AND making change:
    • So many are working in the proverbial shadows using their resources to change lives but don’t get enough visibility.
    • So many need help communicating the value and impact of their work to consumers and community stakeholders. The more that people know about their work, the more trust is established. The more trust that is established, the more engaged their customers feel. The more engaged their customers feel, the more loyal they become….and that is the bottom line impact of being a purpose-driven business.

This is not just work we love, we believe that helping purpose-driven business leaders is our calling.


  • Our PR service offerings include a variety of ways purpose-driven leaders can work with us. They include:
    • “Done-for-you” (consulting);
    • Done with you (PR Counseling or Media Coaching)
    • Do-it-Yourself – We’re launching a line of easily downloadable information products for purchase so busy purpose-driven leaders can implement them on their own time, and at their own pace.

Our goal is to accommodate all budgets, time constraints and resource needs. For more information and to download a free gift from us to you, please visit our website at .

We hope to hear from you soon.

Pam Roach

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