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About Pam Roach



For almost 20 years, Pam Roach has assisted public, private, and nonprofit clients with building their reputation and connecting with their target audience. Utilizing her proven experience and expertise, Pam is able to work with clients to produce outcomes that earn customer’s trust and bridge communication gaps. Simply put, Pam Roach Public Relations helps businesses build good will in the communities in which they operate.


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Relationships, reputation and responsibility. Three key elements no organization can do without. All three can either raise or lower a company’s profile. Let us help you proactively promote your value proposition and strengthen key stakeholder relationships.



We help our clients project an authentic image, reinvest in their surrounding community, and engage in socially responsible business practices. The end result is:

• Earned trust with stakeholders
• Bridged communication gaps
• Promoted responsible business practices
• Enhanced personal and business reputation



Pam Roach’s signature style can be found in her keen ability to help you nurture and leverage internal and external relationships. She is a strategic thinker with a proactive nature that includes initiative and a willingness to engage in complex work.

Changing Communities

What is a Purpose-Driven Business?

Large and Small organizations whose core values are grounded in something greater than just making profits; they also want to make change in communities they serve. Their business actions are driven by what they stand for and against, and are manifested in the form of community projects and employee programs that improve others’ lives.


What Challenges Do They Face?

  • They positively impact communities they serve, yet are the best kept secret in town;
  • They feel called to do something greater with their businesses, but feel invisible and/or irrelevant in the face of larger companies with larger media budgets;
  • They want to make a difference in the world, if only they knew how to tell them more about what they do;
  • They are ready to elevate their reputation in a way that makes consumers proud to be their customers; and
  • They want to save time and money with proven reputation-building methods that will position them as an authority in their field.


Pam-BoardRoomUnless purpose-driven business leaders position themselves as go-to-experts in their niche, their work will remain in the shadows and their stories could go untold. As a fellow purpose-driven business, Pam Roach Public Relations understands these challenges and is committed to improving the visibility, credibility and relevance of their work. We will help them stand out in an already crowded marketplace.

Building and Managing YOUR Reputation

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