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Pam Roach Bio

Improving Credibility, Visibility and Relevance - Building Relationships and Brand Loyalty


About the Owner


The firm is led by Pam Roach, a PR strategist and counselor with more than 20 years of professional experience including 12 years working exclusively with public-, private- and nonprofit-sector organizations to revitalize Texas neighborhoods. Mrs. Roach is not your traditional PR pro; she has a passion for building community that is integrated into her business practices. Her diverse professional background includes working with national intermediaries like NeighborWorks America™, National Community Reinvestment Corporation, and Texas’ own, OneStar Foundation, to name a few.

Throughout her entrepreneurial career, her clients have included

  • Small businesses and middle market companies
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Private sector corporations
  • Lenders and Foundations

Trusted Leader


Active in numerous civic activities, Pam Roach has established a strong community leadership presence in Arlington, Texas, her home of 37 years. Appointed by Mayor and City Council members, Roach has served as:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Vice Chairman of the City of Arlington’s Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Super Bowl XLV held in North Texas
  • Editorial Board member of the Arlington Star Telegram

Together, her professional and volunteer backgrounds have given her unique insight into developing communications strategies that yield trust and build community.


Today, Pam Roach’s passion for building the reputations of purpose-driven business leaders was borne out of spending 12 years providing PR and capacity-building services exclusively to advance economic and community-development initiatives led by public, private and nonprofit sector organizations. She recognized a disconnect between purpose-driven companies wanting to reinvest in communities where they operate, and nonprofit organizations already working in the trenches.

While the nonprofit sector struggled to obtain to meet overwhelming needs in the community, the business sector lacked credibility, trust and communication skills to engage with already suspicious nonprofit leaders. The end result has been continued missed opportunities for both sectors to create partnerships to address community needs together.

Pam noticed that a win-win solution was available. Purpose-Driven Business leaders who want to improve their credibility, visibility and relevance can achieve all three by earnestly working to help nonprofits who would greatly benefit from their expertise. These types of partnerships yield tangible results for both sectors.

Thus Pam Roach Public Relations was born to help her clients:

•  earn trust
bridge communication gaps
•  build employee and customer loyalty
promote responsible business practices
•  enhance their reputation


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