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List of Services

Pam Roach Public Relations’ List of Services for How we help Increase their Visibility, Credibility and Relevance:

As purpose-driven business leaders, Pam Roach Public Relations understands the need for your work to be visible, relevant and position you as an authority in your niche. The more people know about your work, the more lives you change. We get it. That’s why our reputation-building methods are research-based and proven to get results for our clients. Our services are offered in three ways depending on your budget:

Done For You (DFY) – This is a consulting process during which time we develop an extensive plan. Usually best if you want a full-blown PR campaign.

Done With You (DWY)– This is a coaching process through which we walk you through implementing specific strategies to achieve your PR goals.

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) – We are developing a series of information products that include How-to-Guides, Webinars, Templates, Cheat Sheets, Video and Audio Trainings, and more. You can use them at your own pace.


  • We Bring Your Work out of the Shadows Into the Spotlight

    TYPE OF SERVICE – Media Relations/Publicity Services

    Format offered: DFY, DIY


  • We Show You How to Stop Being the Best Kept Secret in Town

    TYPE OF SERVICE – How to Become a Purpose-Driven Organization

    Format offered: DFY, DWY


  • We Show You How to Communicate the Impact of Your Purpose-Driven Work

    TYPE OF SERVICE – Develop and Implement a PR Plan & Campaign (Done For You, Done With You)

    Format offered: DFY, DWY


  • We Save Time and Money by Creating products you can purchase and easily download.

    These are Proven PR Methods that You Can Do Yourself or Assign to a Staff Member

    Format offered: DIY

    Pam Roach Public Relations understands these challenges and is committed to improving the visibility, credibility and relevance of their work. We will help them stand out in an already crowded marketplace.

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