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Relationships, reputation and responsibility. Three key elements no organization can do without. All three can either raise or lower a company’s profile. That’s why our CSR consulting services help you proactively strengthen key stakeholder relationships by promoting the impact of your socially responsible business practices so that your good reputation remains in-tact.

Public Relations

Your reputation is our first priority. That’s why developing a public relations plan is key to understanding the needs of your target audiences. Don’t waste time using a one size fits all method to manage your reputation. We work with you to customize a strategy that fits your needs and the needs of your marketplace.

At Pam Roach Public Relations:

  • We take a research-based approach to understanding our clients’ needs and the expectations of their stakeholder populations.
  • We develop strategic public relations plans that outline clear messaging strategies to guide our clients’ communication efforts.
  • We use PR as a powerful tool to help our clients maintain open communication and build trust with customers, employees, investors and the community at large.

Media Relations

In addition to producing high quality products and services, proactively keeping your stakeholders (customers, employees, investors, and the community at-large) informed about your progress, challenges and triumphs is key to building credibility. Using media as an objective third-party resource to publicize your messages is paramount.

To strengthen your reputation, don’t waste time creating media messages that miss the mark. We do the research for you to identify a messaging strategy and appropriate communications tools. Whether you are trying to announce a new initiative, publicize expansion of current business activities, or establish a favorable reputation amongst key target audiences, publicity is a powerful tool to get you there. We listen to your needs and work with you to accomplish your publicity goals.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies earn high credibility through transparency, adopting widely accepted industry standards, acknowledging obstacles, and partnering with stakeholders. Companies can benefit greatly when their corporate actions are aligned with the goals and expectations of independent stakeholders. Our PR counseling services can help you appropriately demonstrate your company’s corporate responsibility practices in line with the needs of your stakeholder populations.

At Pam Roach Public Relations:

  • We educate our clients on ways to integrate transparency, trust, authenticity and social leadership into their CSR goals.
  • We educate our clients about the value of CSR to their bottom line.
  • We improve the relevancy of our clients’ CSR initiatives so they achieve measurable outcomes.
  • We develop communication strategies that inform our clients’ stakeholders about their CSR activities.


Community Relations

Companies need to be positioned in communities as desirable, trusted, and respected assets. To be successful in planning its community reinvestment programs, a company has to be sensitive to the culture and values of the communities in which they operate. They should also understand how a community makes decisions, who gets involved, and why they get involved in influencing decision-making processes.

At Pam Roach Public Relations:

  • We develop relevant community involvement strategies that are consistent with our clients’ business goals.
  • We build strong community partnerships that yield tangible results.
  • We understand the practical realities of running a business, so we help our clients to first leverage existing resources before exploring further options.


Business Leadership

“Purpose-driven” is the new “Black” for leading businesses. It is the new garment of sophistication required to meet the dress code of society now being enforced by consumers. Those who come “dressed to impress” – not just looking good, but actually doing good – get noticed. Higher purpose leads to higher profits. Make sure that your work has a broader impact on society not just your bank account.  These types of investments always bring returns – consumers will welcome your products and provide magnificent support.

At Pam Roach Public Relations, we show you how to assess your higher business purpose and design initiatives (programs, projects, services) that resonate with your target audiences and get you noticed.



Pam Roach Public Relations understands these challenges and is committed to improving the visibility, credibility and relevance of their work. We will help them stand out in an already crowded marketplace.

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