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Tag: Purpose and Profit

On April 26, 2016

In Pursuit of Purpose and Profit: Doing Good is Just Good Business!

Doing good is just good business. That is why the phrase “purpose-driven” is fast becoming the new direction in building reputations online and off. Some have mistakenly viewed it as a passing trend, afterall, aren’t most businesses purpose-driven – i.e. existing for the purpose of making a profit? The truth is that many companies are indeed
On April 19, 2016

Build Your Reputation Online and Off: Leverage the Power of Connection and Engagement

Your business reputation is your most important asset online and off. A good one can help you maintain brand loyalty, and a bad one will keep customers away. One key aspect of building your reputation and maintaining brand loyalty is to remain connected and engaged with your customers. Surprisingly, this key element is often overlooked. Customers
On March 9, 2016

Need More Profit? Make More Change

The Secret to Increasing the Visibility, Credibility and Relevance of Purpose-Driven Business Leaders” In the fashion industry, the color black has always been used as an idiom to describe the hottest new trends. When describing a garment or particular style, black always spoke to the “coolness” of something. For instance, designers say that ‘Brunette is the